May 14, 2014

AR Store

After reading many books and taking lots of quizzes, we got to visit the AR Store today!!! As a school we read a over 5,000 books!! Way to go readers!!

There were lots of fun things to choose from!!!

We loved all of our prizes!!!

Thanks Mrs. Holly and Mrs. Amanda for a great AR Store!!! 

Remember to keep reading over the summer!! :)

May 9, 2014

Alternative Field Trip

Due to the possibility of stormy weather, our adventure to the Tunica RiverPark was cancelled. 
We took our wonderful parents and sack lunches to The Nelco in Greenville. 
The arcade games were lots of fun!

       Then, it was time for the movie! 

             We had the entire movie
                theatre just for us!

               It was a great day to 
              share with our friends!

May 6, 2014

Special Treat

After collecting money for the book fair, Miss Pongetti's class raised the most and were treated to a special frozen treat!!! Delta Dairy was so delicious and refreshing on this warm sunny day!!!

Thanks Mrs. Sledge for the special treat!!!

May 4, 2014

May Day Play Day


We begin each May Day with a flag ceremony, prayer, and our school Bible verse!! 

And now we're off!

Let the games begin!

Over and under!

     50 yard dash and 100 yard dash!

Flipper ball!

Football throw!

Softball throw!

Potato Sack Race!
Hula Hoop!

Jump Rope!

Tug of War!

Trash pick-up!         

        Mr. Jackson determined the
         winners  for trash pick-up!                     

    Way to go, Gold! Way to go, Green!
        Hooray for all the PDS Eagles!

May 1, 2014

Sport's day!!

From baseball players to cheerleaders, we had it all!! 

We are all ready for F-U-N tomorrow!!!! Hurry up MAY DAY PLAY DAY!!!!